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Illustration by Thomas James

Hello fellow Illustrators!

After 10 years of creating and managing projects like the Escape from Illustration Island podcast, 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration, Illustration Friday, Illustration Age and others, it is time for me to move on.

In addition to building my own illustration business I have truly been blessed by the experiences I have had with these online projects and the opportunities they have given me to connect and engage with the industry and the artists who live and work there.

I have made many lasting friendships and learned so much about myself, my art, about fighting for what is right in this industry and so much more. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that it is past time for me to let Illustration Age go and pursue other passions. My heart isn’t in it the way it once was and I can’t deny that any longer. I prefer to give my time, energy and creativity towards things that I feel passionate about and move on from the things that I feel I can’t continue to contribute to in a meaningful way.

I am proud of what Illustration Age and my other projects have done for individual artists and the illustration industry as a whole. It was always important for me to be useful, helpful and even inspiring. I think that I have often, but not always, succeeded in that goal. At the very least I can say that I tried.

I will be honest about the fact that I do not know what will happen with Illustration Age moving forward. A few years ago I sold the website and its attached assets to Workbook and was kept on to continue managing it. Soon after that my role was expanded to running Workbook’s social media accounts. Resigning from my position at Workbook means leaving Illustration Age as well. Because of this, in a couple of weeks Illustration Age’s future will be in Workbook’s hands. I do not know what that means or how Illustration Age will change. I can only hope that they respect and pursue IA’s mission to be a positive force in the illustration world.

What I do know is that I am not disappearing completely. You can still find me on Instagram (@goodjobtommy) and Twitter (@goodjobtommy) and I hope that you follow and interact with me there and keep up with my future projects and obsessions. I will not stop fighting for illustrators’ rights and against those who would wish to take advantage of us, although with a smaller platform than I have had in the past.

What is perhaps most important for me to say is THANK YOU. I couldn’t have done any of these things without your help. So many of you in the illustration community have made Illustration Age and my other projects thrive. Every comment, email, like, retweet, suggestion and word of encouragement helped me to succeed. And of course I also thank those who have added their voices over the years as contributors to the site. THANK YOU. I am so grateful that I could never express it fully.


Thomas James
Illustration Age Founder/Editor/Creative Director


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