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Just over a year ago I reviewed the must-have tool for logo designers: Logo Package Express. It’s a brilliant Adobe Illustrator Extension that automatically generates every file format, color scheme, and logo configuration your client could ever ask you for. AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, CMYK, RGB, Pantone, Full Color, Mono, Reversed… You don’t even have to spend time naming or organising your files. Logo Package Express takes care of it all. Logo Package Express is now smarter, easier-to-use, and contains even more useful features in the new 2.0 version. Find out what’s new!

Logo Package Express 2.0

Packaging a logo is boring and complex. First, you have to know what formats to provide, then you have to make them. Manually, one at a time. It takes forever! Logo Package Express automatically generates and exports logo packages with blazing speed, allowing you to spend your time creating logos, not exporting them. Here are some of the additional benefits of Logo Package Express 2.0:

Version 1 of Logo Package Express helpfully exported and organised all your file formats, but it used a predetermined naming convention. Now YOU choose the names of the files and folders before you export.

It’s great that Logo Package Express converts your RGB or CMYK colours into Pantone equivalents, but there was a mishap in Version 1 that meant a logo designed with specific Pantone swatches would be converted to CMYK, then back to into completely different Pantone colours than what you originally chose. Now, if you set a logo in Logo Package Express 2.0 that is coloured with Pantone swatches, the extension will remember those swatches and reapply them to the Pantone logos automatically when they are generated.

Logo Package Express 2.0 now allows you to define multiple sizes for your exports, so you can create specific logo files for avatars, favicons, website headers… Or simply small, medium, and large versions. The options are endless!

Logo Package Express 2.0 can now remember all your carefully chosen settings as a preset, so it will be ready to run when you need to export another batch of logo files for your next client project. Along with some other UI improvements, it’s now a much improved user experience.

Clear space is defined in almost every style guide. It’s a set amount of space around your logo where no other elements can intrude. It’s a barrier against ugliness, and it’s now a feature in Logo Package Express 2.0. Set the amount of Padding you want around your logo to give it more breathing room.

The price of Logo Package Express has increased to $119, but Spoon Graphics readers have the ability to knock $20 off with the discount code SPOONGFX. This means you can still pick up your copy at the old price of $99. If you purchased Version 1 last year, you’re eligible for an upgrade at just $20.

Buy Logo Package Express 2.0 for $119 $99

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