Considered Evidence For The Simulation Hypothesis

Here’s a stab at some observational evidence / data for the Simulation Hypothesis which postulates that we ‘exist’ as a simulation inside a computer driven by programmed software.

Evidence in Computer Codes: What Professor of Theoretical Physics Sylvester James (Jim) Gates discovered, by his own admission, is evidence. What he found was computer code encoded within the equations of string theory used to describe the Cosmos. He used the phrase “The Matrix”, when discussing this with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. [You can find relevant videos on YouTube.]

Evidence from Fine-Tuning: Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, is on record as saying that the Cosmological Constant is fine-tuned to one part in 10 to the 120th power. One part in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, etc.

Evidence from the Cosmos: The accelerating expansion of the Universe is evidence. The energy density of the Universe cannot remain constant while the volume of the Universe is increasing. That’s a free lunch. That’s the generation of something from nothing. Software however can create that illusion.

Evidence from here on Earth: There is no single acceptable explanation for Crop ‘Circles’ – not ET, not Mother Nature, not human activity. What we might have here are special effects courtesy of software.

Evidence from the Atom: It’s claimed, I suspect with very good experimental reasoning, that an atom is literally 99.99% empty space yet we have the illusion that there is no empty space. That 99.99% emptiness suggests our programmer is being very economic with the bits and bytes while also being able to program in the illusion that there is no empty space.

Evidence from Quantum Mechanics: Pure observation cannot change wave behaviour into particle behaviour as revealed in the delayed double slit experiment (unless you want to invoke Panpsychism). It’s just another software-generated special effect.

Evidence from Theoretical Cosmology: The Holographic Universe scenario (all the rage among some cosmologists) shares an awful lot in common with any virtual reality simulation. Both are actually 2-D constructions while giving off an illusion of 3-D.

Evidence from Quantum Entanglement (Non-Locality): There’s no spooky action at a distance (something that worried Einstein) because there is no real distance. In a simulation all points originate from a very small spatial space. It’s like a planetarium that simulates the entire visible Universe. Light can travel from one side of the simulated ‘visible Universe’ to the other side of the simulated ‘visible Universe’ in a nanosecond if not less. The speed of light has no validity in a simulation.

Evidence from Particle Physics: How can the electric charge of the electron be EXACTLY equal and opposite to that of the proton when they otherwise share nothing in common?

More Evidence from Particle Physics: Why, oh why are there three generations or families of the elementary particles when the top two play bugger-all roles in what makes up life, the Universe and everything? Someone stuffed up and it probably wasn’t a deity.

Evidence from within Our Solar System: It seems an absolutely amazing coincidence that the apparent diameters of the Sun and the Moon happen to be just so as to produce solar eclipses at just the right moment when humans came on the scene to appreciate this, given that the Moon is ever moving farther away from the Earth. Also, the tilt of the Moon’s orbit has to be within very narrow parameters.

Evidence from the ‘Good’ Book: We (Royal We) could very easily computer simulate the Jonah and the ‘Whale’ (tall) tale. So maybe if it really happened, and multi-millions so believe that event to be true however unlikely that seems. So then maybe it was also just a simulation but not one of our making.

Evidence from Probability: If the intelligent species inhabiting the Third Rock from the Sun is a typical example, there will be vastly more virtual reality worlds than real worlds which just might imply that the intelligent species inhabiting the Third Rock from the Sun are themselves virtual beings.

Evidence from Mathematical Equations: It defies probability that the numerous equations used to describe, evaluate and otherwise help us come to terms with the laws, principles and relationships inherent in our mathematical cosmos should nearly all have low value whole numbers as well as a few simple fractions with respect to their coefficients and exponents.

Evidence via Cosmic Recycling: It doesn’t have to be the case that stars can recycle their contents to ultimately form new stars with a higher ‘metal’ content (‘metal’ defined as everything but hydrogen and helium). Most stars in fact don’t recycle their guts. There’s recycling and then there’s the ultimate garbage dump – Black Holes. It’s rather fortunate that not too many stars turn into Black Holes otherwise the Universe would consist of Black Hole filled galaxies as their sole objects – maybe even the galaxy itself would be a pure Black Hole. So recycling stars and not too many Black Holes show a degree of fine-tuning and design courtesy of our computer / software programmer.

Evidence from Our Solar System: The oft observed ‘natural’ satellite of Venus, named Neith, went walkabout – vanished without a trace. Natural satellites just don’t vanish!

Evidence from Memory: Using our own simulations as an example, we often rewind, replay, tweak, etc. the relevant software. If we are a simulation, and our virtual reality software was replayed, rewound, and/or upgraded, that just might explain the mental phenomena we’ve nearly all experienced, Deja vu.

Evidence from Our Simulations: Ultimately our simulations are pixelated, the bottom line being 1’s and 0’s, bits and bytes. There is a fundamental limit to the resolution our simulations have. Well, of course our ‘real’ Universe is also pixelated and has an ultimate limit to how fine a resolution we can observe it. Everything with any structure and substance seems to be quantized.

Finally, I need point out that all of the above is just suggestive evidence. I make no claim that any or all of the above actually proves we ‘exist’ as a virtual reality simulation.

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