Best Universities for Masters in Computer Science

Computer science is one of the busiest outlets out there. The demand for its graduates and postgraduate students is booming for Computer Science work. Whether you want to study at the best universities for master’s in computer science and be given a BSc or MS Computer Science Degree, you will consider studying abroad in the USA, UK or Canada. Many countries have the best student services and study facilities. So, below is the list with the Computer Science University ranking, along with the computer science courses.

World's Top 50 Universities For Computer Science Degrees, 2019 ...

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

One of the most renowned universities to study engineering, MIT is the most sought after college for students aspiring to pursue computer science and engineering bachelor’s degree. The course focuses on operating systems, artificial intelligence, computer algorithms, software engineering, and computer structures.

2. Stanford University, USA

With a $1.6 billion research budget, Stanford University is one of the strongest research universities not only in the USA but worldwide. This has a high number of foreign graduates, with 34 percent coming from outside the US. Not only for computer science but the QS rankings rate Stanford University 3rd best all over the world.

3. Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Carnegie Mellon University is well known for its Department of Information and Technology. The Master of Science offered in the Computer Science department is also equally fine, however. It was founded in 1900 and is one of the oldest private universities in the United States.

4. University of California (Berkeley), USA

It is one of the most prestigious universities in the USA, with best public science library in the USA. The academic services and equipment that they provide are outstanding, and it’s no wonder that there are 29 students from the UCB who hold the Nobel Prize.

5. University of Cambridge, UK

Ranked number five in QS rankings for teaching, science and innovation, University of Cambridge is one of the world’s most prestigious universities, with more than 750 student societies and on campus clubs. The BA in Computer Science is also based on practical issues such as languages and hardware coding.

6. Harvard University, USA

With living alumni from more than 202 countries, Harvard University is the epitome of Distinction when it comes to higher education, the oldest and top ranked college in the USA, Harvard University is something any student who wants to study in the USA wants to attend. The Master’s in Computer Science is more focused on science and software development.

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Hence, if you are willing to pursue Computer Science, be it Bachelor or a master’s Program; the world is full of possibilities. Apart from these 10, there are many best universities for masters in computer science you can shortlist as per your requirements and specialization.

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