What is the meaning of AI?

  Over time, multiple verticals have been effectively infiltrated by Artificial Intelligence, which makes AI development almost apparent. AI has proven that it is here to remain, beginning from chatbots to robotics, and so in this post, if you are captivating towards the same, we have laid down the crucial […]

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Best Universities for Masters in Computer Science

Computer science is one of the busiest outlets out there. The demand for its graduates and postgraduate students is booming for Computer Science work. Whether you want to study at the best universities for master’s in computer science and be given a BSc or MS Computer Science Degree, you will consider […]

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Dog embroidery on a coat

1 Year of Stitches 2021: Check Out My #Creaturecoat

Hel­lo! It’s been a while. I took an unin­tend­ed break for the past six weeks (or so) to work on some cus­tom embroi­dery orders for the hol­i­days. They all went out (and were received—whew!) on time, but after that much stitch­ing, I real­ly need­ed a break with as few oblig­a­tions […]

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